Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where the Hell is the Vegas Post?

People are waiting apparently.

I posted a trip report on tripadvisor.com but never made it over here.

Vegas was good. I am a little upset with myself for not doing a few of the "I'm alone" things I had planned. No, that does not include a hooker or happy ending.

I found that I did less this trip than any other. This was partly because I was the guy with the car and the guy that knows vegas. Still, it is hard to get so many people moved at the same time let alone agree on what they want to do. Face it, Vegas just is not for everyone. Having said that, we all had a good time despite some coordination issues.

Monday was a long day. With just 3-4 hours of sleep, I was up for 26+. Dinner was at Mr. Lucky's (Hard Rock) for either the $7.77 steak & shrimp or $9.99 AYCE prime rib. Prime was delicious! Thanks for buying supper, Dano!! Once I was on my own, I made it back to Terrible's and played video poker into the wee hours of the morning downing countless beers and bloody marys. Yum. Finally, dozing off at the poker machine, throwing away pairs from time to time, I decided sleep must not be delayed any longer!

Tuesday was wedding day. Shuttle service began before noon. Lindsay and Kelsey were slow. There was some excuse in play but I don't remember what it was. Needless to say, we were late for the shuttle to the wedding. Wedding was nice. Typical, 10 minute Vegas wedding. Dinner at Dan Marino's. Good ribs - not as good as Ellis Island though. Back to Terrible's, stayed up way too late again.

Wednesday - up way too early to drive out to Mesquite. Dan has relatives out there so made the ~90 mile trip to there. Casinos were just average. Scenery was neat, especially at the golf courses. I will post pics of them tomorrow from my laptop. Back to LV and dropping Robyn and Cindy off at the airport. Dan and Cindy and I went to EI for free drinks and dinner. Rib place was closed for the night so we ate in the dining room. Dan had shrimp, I had the $6.95 steak and Cindy had breakfast. Service sucked but food was good. With the coupon, total bill was around $13.00. Cindy LOVED the karaoke bar. Always voted best in LV. I think she said it best...."what a great little dive". Exactly. Did I mention how good their wheat beer is?

Thursday - finally slept in. Waited at Terrible's for my host to comp my rooms. Choked down Terrible's buffet. HIGHLIGHT of my trip....went downtown for the Boneyard Tour. This is the museum that is by appointment only and has the old Vegas signs awaiting restoration. VERY VERY VERY COOL! Best $15 I spent in Vegas. Great pics...I'll post some tomorrow.

Headed to The Orleans with 2 drunk neices, drunk Dano and Cindy. Instead of using the child care, we used three 2-4-1 coupons for their buffet and let the girls soak up some of the booze since we had to fly out that night. Cindy treated us all to tickets to go see Terry Fator. Look him up on YouTube if you don't know who he is. Very talented ventrilloquist that sings impressions...but through his dummies. Unbelieveable show. From there, straight to the airport. Nice first class upgrade for the redeye. Flight felt like 10 minutes I slept so hard.

So, I missed the Atomic Museum & Pinball Museum. 2 new casinos away from the strip I wanted to visit too. Oh well. Incentive to go back. Vegas needs me. Per this article by VegasRex, Vegas is hurting. I like his thoughts and analogies. Vegas is not dying, but the strip is killing itself. The first call I got from Dan and family was, "Come pick us up and take us where the beer is cheaper. We cannot afford $7.50 here at Mandalay Bay anymore!". Nuff said. Sinatra would roll over is his grave if he heard $7.50 for a beer on the strip. Are they making this stuff from crude oil now?

I had a good time with Cindy and Dan but more than that and it was a few too many to keep everyone happy. Eventually someone complained or just sat there waiting for others. I think that is a lesson learned. Even though my Mancation was fun and I was free to do what I wanted, I think I'll just go back to hitting that city with Jess. My odds are better there.

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