Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bush is Bush-League

Headline today.

Oil hits record high as dollar hits record low.
$115 a barrel.
Stupid ass bush league, texas tea money making, loser of a president. At one point, I felt NONE of the presidential canidates were any good. Now, I realize that we cannot do any worse.
Yesterday Bush said of the Pope's visit:
"On his visit to America, the Pope will find that we are a country of prayer."
No shit Dick Tracy. We pray because our country is folding underneath us because of the single worst loser of a no-brained, facsimile of a president this country has ever had.
That's all I have to say about that.

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Anonymous said...

Before we go pushing all the blame in any single direction let's consider where some of these high prices are coming from. Everone needs to take a look at the commodities markets in general. It is not only oil, but gold, rice, corn, soy beans, and even pork bellies. Short term investers put their money were there is growth, and keep it there til it bursts. Atrifically driving up demand for a limited or fixed supply. They will make their tidy profit, take it in the shorts on their last 10% when the bubble breaks, and a majority of their profits get passed on to the consumers. Welcome to the free market economy.

The good news is, as more jump in and fight for to get in on a market that is not shrot enough to support this runnup. Some will overextend and lose their ass and prices will recede. Unfortunatly, this may take time.

The unfortunate situation is there is a high stakes game of chiken going on with consumables, and we as the consumers are caught in the middle.

So quit whining or I will set your anlke on fire again.

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The ORRacle!