Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

Now if you thought I was going to waste good ink on that stupid movie on the myth of global warming, you are wrong. That makes me think of the 12 year old girl in the grocery store today with a "Stop global warming" T-shirt. Here's an idea....stop making your kids that cannot form an opinion on things from spreading stupid propaganda on things they don't understand.

deep breath....in through the nose, out through the mouth....

What I am writing, er, ranting about here is the apparent difficulty of checking IDs. Do people really hate to have their ID checked that badly? Do they throw tantrums because they had to prove they were not committing a fraudulent act?

I primarily use my check card visa which drafts from my primary checking account. On the back it says in big black letters:

My success rate? About 18.296% and then it is usually the Dairy Queen or something that cost me $3.95. Go to Dick's Sporting Goods for shoes....$90, don't question the card or look for ID. Go to Best Buy EVER and you won't get it checked. They even insist it is illegal for them to check. Apparently (and this is from some 16 year old geek cashier), but apparently some tranny came in and they questioned for ID. The picture of him/her did not match the makeup job of him/her and therefore he/she sued. So, 1 tranny gets upset for completely deviating from their picture and now Best Buy will allow you to use anybody's card for anything - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I've even signed "SHIT" and "CRAP" and "X" and they just laugh at me. The best part is that if you write a check, the MUST see ID. Apparently transvestites don't write checks.
I can tell you right now. Next time I buy something of any value at Best Buy, I'm using someone else's card.
Here's the bottom line. Theft is rampant. You can trust NOBODY! Hell, I just had $450 stolen from my house presumably by my dog walker while we were out of town. They of course deny it. Crap....I get sidetracked so easily.....
What I was saying is that theft is everywhere. A quick check of the ID and we are on our way. At least make the crooks a little timid before they use your card.

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Robocop said...

I'll walk your dog for a lot less than $450... ;-P Especially if I've got access to the movie equipment downstairs!

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