Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sabrina Sucks!

How can it be that she wins our American Idol pool again. Is this 3 or 4 years consecutively? It is not like she had the first pick every year. Nor did she have any special insight - no matter what BS she gives you.

We pick when there are 20 or 24 players left (usually 24). The draft order is random. To actually score the winner is a guess at that point since the show is obviously rigged and every knows Chekezie was the best this year. OK, I'll conceed that maybe he was not #1 but....Carli was the best - but did they win? NOOOO! It came down to "Diapers" and "Swirly".

I guess since it was down to them and that made my $10 bill go to either The Rube or Sabrina, I'd have to pick her just on looks alone. Although, if Diapers would have won, we would not have had to endure the upcoming right-wing-conspiracy-its-the-liberals-fault crap that The Rube is about to spill all over us.

I don't see Sabs as being the type to gloat, but this might change her. I mean, she really is the undisputed AI Champ at LTCG. I think minimally, drinks on her are in order. Oh, and you might want to buy a lottery ticket.


Anonymous said...

You complain about the state of radio and watch "American Idol." All I can think of to say (in public at least) is WOW. :)

Stormy tells me the guy from Utah was the best.

Some Anonymous Al

Stormy said...

Carly was way good. I admit that and i think it would have been way awesome if she made it father her and Micheal johns. BUT both David's were good and I had a feeling it would come down to those 2 although I was thinking little David or as you call him diapers was going to win it all

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The ORRacle!