Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, February 18, 2008

How PC Can You Get?

To the loyal "Orracle" fans out there, I know what you are thinking.

"The Orracle....PC?"

The answer to that question is YES!

I don't know why but out of the blue today, at a stop for tax software at Best Buy, we bought a new desk PC AND a new laptop.

The desktop was simple. Our old one sucks. We have an old PC with an old CRT monitor and just needed to upgrade.

The laptop? I am having a harder time justifying that one. Work provides one to both Jess and me. So why get another? For starters, we bought a sale Toshiba that was $449. Not a whole lot of power but playing around tonight, it is really nice and has a great screen. You never know....it just might end up going south with Senior Orr and Madame Bradley. Just a thought. I think if shown how to get to the internet and to email, dad might check it. Well....at least in the mornings. Maybe that is just a pipe dream...but we all need to dream.

All said and done, with $70 in software added in (tax and spyware tools), it came to a measly $1251.00. Not bad for 2 units.

This trip started with a visit to the MN Valley Humane Society where all of the labs rescued from the puppy mill in Central Wisconny were. We were VERY close to adopting a small yellow lab named Carter. I just did not want to deal with the potential health issues starting with the extensive worming that will have to be finished by their owner. Even without our help, all 4 of the pups brought up from the infirmary today were adopted. Lots of traffic in the shelter so all in all, the blight brought onto these dogs was a blessing for the shelter having received extensive media coverage. Considering what costs we may have incurred for a new puppy, the $1250 for the computers seems small.

Come back later this week. A fellow blogger does a post every Wednesday called "Wayback Wednesday". I love this idea and he says that if you are inspired by this idea, feel free to copy it. And so I am. My music video posts will be of the LIVE concert theme at least for now. Everytime I listen to Sirius, I wish there were a channel of nothing but live performances. Another great channel would be nothing but covers - but we'll save that for later.

The posts still need to be named, but look back for that feature on this blog!

Have a great week~
The Orracle

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