Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fresh Thoughts and Prognostication

Hey everyone!

2008 is underway and not a minute too soon. So much to do and look forward to this year. Bush will finally finish his term although concerns are abound with the "crop" of Prezzie wannabees we have right now. There is still time to get your "End of an Error" merchandise.

First things first....starting with tomorrow....Ashlie turns 14. What a great kid (except for that cell phone bill). I cannot believe she is 14.

Then continuing into the spring - yes, even though it is only January, winter is on a downward spiral from here on out. Sure, it will still be cold. Yeah, we'll still get snow. But the days are getting longer (or is the Earth spinning slower?? Thanks, Jake). We are in the middle of the beloved January thaw which is great except for the countless mounds of dog crap that have been exposed (more proof of 'global warming'...always cracks me up). 14 years ago, we took Ashlie home from the hosptial in -25 temps! Yes, nothing to look forward to except the end of winter.

Vacation planning. The urge has kicked in. Traveling alone to Texas did not cure me of the urge to travel. I know what the other one will say, "We have to pay for a band trip!" I know, but if you consider tax time, potential bonuses and a general lack of desire to save money, we could take a trip! NWA sent some great deals for Mexico and Jamaica. Hmmmm. Better lose some weight.

That brings me to the next topic for 2008. Weight loss. My success in 2005 doing Body for Life was good. The problem was the intensity and knowing it was done in 12 weeks. Once I hit 12 weeks, I wanted to take a break.....that is going on 3 years. Bad plan. I have a new plan now. No end date. Wish me luck.

What does 2008 hold for sports. Well, for starters, I'll say that the Vikings ended well. I still don't think Brad Childress is "The One" but they did finsh pretty good. The Timberwolves. Ouch. Can we fire McHale yet? Let's see....do we need Garnett? Season to date: The T-Wolves are 4-29 and The Celtics are 29-3. Naw....we don't need him. If I did not know any better, I'd think someone fired McHale and hired Jeff Diamond (architect of the infamous Herschel Walker trade for all of you except The Rube). The Twins are probably washed up too although they find a way to play and win under Gardenhire. I think their luck of playing a bunch of AAA players and getting into the playoffs (or even close) is about over.

On the bright side, our New Richmond Tiger Boys Basketball Team is ranked #5 in the state. Who needs the rotten t-wolves?

I leave you with the wishes for a great 2008. Don't take life to seriously. Have some fun. Spend some money. Take a trip. Be spontaneous. Bluff more than normal (for you Al).

To quote Billy Joel, "Don't take any shit from anyone!"

--The Orracle

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