Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Suite Dreams

Most everyone knows that I actually enjoy the travel time I get for work. Many also know that I have a certain affinity to Hilton hotels. This is primarily because of their Hilton Honors program. Points AND miles. Double Dip as they say. From my experience, it is the best program for hotels.

I think the best part of the Hilton stay is the bed. Many hotels have "a bed" to advertise now. Radisson has the sleep number beds (I own one and it is good, but nothing compared to Hilton). Marriott has "The Marriott Bed" and Hilton has the "Suite Dreams". It really is Suite. Their Hampton Inn brand has "The Cloud 9 Bed", and it is awesome but not as good as the Hilton Bed.

My first experience was at the new Omaha Hilton a few years back. The only way I could explain the bed was that I wanted to turn the heat down, strip completely naked and roll around amid the down comforters and pillows.

After very limited research, I have found the Hilton site where you can buy these items. WOW! How soon can I get it is the question. Oh wait, like my daughter, I need a loan. If anyone out there has some spare cash, please send it my way. The total amount needed is listed below.

Imagine how good you will sleep, knowing you have helped me with my Suite dreams.

Mattress - $1,450.00
Mattress Topper - $90.00
Feather Bed - $235.00
Pillows - $75.00 each (2 for starters) $150.00
Duvet Cover - $215.00 (covers the down comforter)
Down Comforter - $230.00
Sheet/Pillowcase Set - $165.00
TOTAL: $2,535.00

Face towels (8) - $8.00 each - $64.00
Hand Towels (6) - $22.00 each - $132.00
Bath Towels (12) - $40.00 each - $480.00
BATH TOTAL: $676.00

GRAND TOTAL: $3,211.00

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