Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Failure Can Be Fun....

Boy is that a loaded title. Who in their right mind would want to fail? What is so fun about that? OK, think about it....going to the bar, trying to pick up someone of the opposite sex (or the same....not that there is anything wrong with that) and you fail. Maybe that is fun in the process of trying and we all can laugh about it later.

No, you are right. I did not come here to advise on the ways of getting shot down and laughing about it later although it brings to mind some good stories to blog about later.

I did not get to watch the game, but I saw the score. Guess I can delete the game from my DVR now. Vikings lose again....not that I am surprised.

OK Senior Orracle....get to the point of the blog!

In life, at work, in sports or in big companies you see in the news, changes are made all the time. The new guy comes in and has all the answers. The owners get all rocked in their socks about how THIS IS THE GUY!

There is a grace period. Nobody can change things overnight.

Then the grace period starts to age like a dead deer on the side of the road. Nothing has changed and things are starting to stink.

Secretly, when you saw the new guy come in, you knew that the leaders were either fooled or just pretending like this was the perfect solution even when they knew it was not.

Let's take our Vikings. New owner. New coach. New ways. New results.

People secretly knew that nothing would change. In a way, seeing the failure is kind of fun. "Ha ha! I called it!" Now, I do believe Brad Childress is better than Mike Tice. Mike was pretty much a dumas on the sideline. But Brad is the chosen one now! Brad makes more money in a game than Mike made all season. The results are the same.

I think it is like the movie One Crazy Summer. Nobody likes the cute and fuzzy bunnies and one day, when THEY finally get it, you are so pleased! If you don't get the movie reference, I suggest you go rent it. High quality flick with John Cusack, Demi Moore and Bobcat Goldthwait.

It happens at work too. EMPLOYMENT DISCLAIMER: I do not feel this about our current leaders at my job....but think more about the past.

Everone has witnessed it at work. THIS guy....he is the one. He is as much the one as Neo was to the Matrix. Well, Neo was the one. This guy was not. When this happens to us at work, we see it coming. Sometimes, when they come in and take the bull by the horn, make everyone's lives miserable with their bosses completely hoodwinked and you have to just silently shake your head to prevent getting fired, you secretly await the day of failure. Then once again, you can say that you knew and you were right.

This my friends is how failure can be fun.

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At first I thought you were talking about me. Then I decided not. Now I'm not sure.

Anoymous (you'll figure it out)

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