Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, October 22, 2007

Define "Litter"

Have you ever thrown something out the window of your car? If you say no, you are probably lying. Sometimes, things blow out, or you just have to get rid of it. Nobody is perfect, right?

Most people would vehemently suggest that littering is a bad thing. I bet if you polled 1,000 people of which 500 were smokers, that still, more than 90% would say littering is a bad thing.

Today while coming to work, I was tailing a semi that was really creating some turbulence. Besides the sand and dirt, I was in a snowstorm of cigarette butts that his wind had given flight. Follow cars on any road and you'll see people throwing their butts out the window. What is wrong with their ashtrays? Does the collection of ash and butts make their car messy or stinky? Is it unattractive to have a tray full of butts? I bet. If they are so gross, then why is the roadside sufficient?


I have thought for years that reporting of butt throwing should be done by the people that see it. A simple website to capture auto information would do the trick. After 2 or 3 reports on you, a ticket would be mailed. Every additional report would generate another fine.

I thought I was original in this thought until I researched it online. It turns out that Victoria, Australia has that exact platform in place. Read about it at http://www.litter.vic.gov.au/www/html/2336-the-epa-litter-report-line.asp
In 2005/2006 they issued over 22,000 fines with 90% being for cigarette butts. HOORAY FOR THEM!
Those of you that do this....you know who you are. Sure, one butt is so small, so inconsequential. It is so miniscule that I thought it was snowing this morning on 494. Think about it before you throw the next one out to the roadside.

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Cindy said...

I completely agree with you but what about YOUR Dad....? Besides the cigs that fly through the air, I can't stand the people who feel the need to empty their ashtrays or just flick cigs at the stoplights or stop signs as noticed at every curbside.

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