Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Would You Take Away From A Stay At A Wellness Resort?

My question seems to have a simple answer. Apparently that is not how everyone goes away.

Tonight I had my scheduled call with Jeff Ford, my At Home Coach and writer of a new blog dedicated to training and his personal goals of doing the Kona Ironman called 'Less Mileage, More Crossfit'. He said on the call that of the people he has been a coach for, I have been the most dedicated to the lifestyle that I learned at H3. I found that to be a tremendous compliment and somewhat hard to believe. Yes, I do live and breathe wellness, healthy eating and fitness once again in my life.

I feel like I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to spend 4 weeks at Hilton Head Health. To attend a program like theirs is not inexpensive. In hindsight, I'd say it is worth double what I did pay. When you decide to take that step to overhaul every aspect of your life, I feel you owe it to yourself to follow through not just now and then but with every ounce of your soul. I feel that the gift that anyone that has given themselves to attend H3i is a special one. You leave there armed with so much great information. You should live it and share it. Now, those of you that know me might get the impression that I am a bit of an extrovert. This is a possibility...and therefore talking about wellness and encouraging others is somewhat a natural trait that I have.

Will I slip up? Sure - it is going to happen. Even recently with some family events and a very hectic travel schedule my workouts have taken a back seat which makes me crazy.

I know other guests that have left H3 have maintained awesome lifestyles and just may not have been a part of the H3 @ Home program like I am.

If you are one of the past guests and have lost some of your drive, I encourage you to pull out your binder and read the notes and slides. Find that memory of what your stay was like and use it as motivation to kick it back into gear.

While I still find it hard to believe that I am the poster child, I accept the compliment....thanks, Jeff!


BooksAndPals said...

You *may* be an extrovert? ROFLMAO. I think blogging about it helps keep you on track too.

Jeff Ford said...

Great Post Buddy. I wasn't lying. I can't wait to see a whole new person in October and a sub 40min 5Ker!!!

Steven Smith said...

Great vision Lyle. I've just sustained a "restocking" of my passion and communication. I appreciate your reminder.

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