Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Favorite Restaurant!

I remembered Bob Wright from Hilton Head Health talking about a great place to eat where everything on the menu was low calorie and made from real, healthy ingredients.  I realized that place was Seasons 52 and they are all over South Florida where I have been spending much of my time.  I was alone for dinner tonight and headed that way. 

I liked the short but diverse menu.  Every item is under 475 calories.  I asked about the appetizers also and they also are all under 475 calories.  Not wanting to eat 2 items at 475, I asked for specifics.  Not only were specifics available, but they had the numbers for calories, fat and cholesterol!  WOW!  I knew I wanted the Snapper Piperade which is mentioned in this article.  I was curious about the Chipotle Glazed Shrimp or the Buffalo Chili for an appetizer.  The shrimp was 270 calories and the chili was 210 or 260 depending on the size ordered.  I went for the chili which was possibly the most amazing thing I have tasted in ages!  WOW!  The waiter told me that the secret ingredient was Guinness. 

The Snapper Piperade was 380 calories and served over a stack of marinated jicama, black beans, thin and crispy green beans and shredded red and yellow bell peppers. 

If more people could taste this food, I think they would realize how GOOD this food can taste without blowing your budget on calories.  Why do the Cheesecake Factory?  Why do that to yourself when such amazing flavors and combinations await somewhere else?

Bob was (W)right again!  This place is the real deal!  I cannot wait to go back.


Kelly S said...

well now I'm gonna have to figure out how to make chili with Guinness! (or find that recipe!)

Jeff Ford said...

Guiness healthiest beer on the market and one with flavor!! Way to hit seasons 52 will let Bob know when I return :)

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