Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Friday, August 19, 2011

Delta Forces Man To Survive On Pretzels!

Today as I flew home from Richmond, VA, I had a very early flight and a short leg to Atlanta.  I had a moderate layover but found very little decent, healthy food to eat in the terminal where I was waiting.  I had checked my itinerary knowing that I was sitting in first to see if the longer ATL-MSP flight had food.  It declared that lunch would be served.  Knowing this, I decided to just wait for the flight and live on the banana I had on the first leg. 

Once airborne, the FA came by with the usual peanuts, pretzels, twix, cookies and Sun Chips.  I held off awaiting the choice of salad or sandwich.  She never came back. 

I used the lavatory and asked if lunch would be served and was shot down!  OH NO!  I am starving! 

To hold me over, I had enough pretzels (45 cals per baggie) and peanuts (60 cals per tiny baggie) to get me through to MSP. 

While I did not blow my calories out the door by just eating whatever she had in the goodie box, I sure did not get much.  It reinforced to me that I should always double check with the gate agent first of all and secondly, that good food for the same calories is always a better choice.  Whether it is between a bunch of peanuts and pretzels and a salad or between a quota of calories in fast food vs. a meal of filling food that prevents you from being hungry and at risk for a slip, picking the better or BEST is always the way to go!

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SBDavin said...

Yeah - let's not waste our allotted calories on crap food. Lesson learned for me, too.

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The ORRacle!