Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, September 22, 2008

It Is Drug Season

I would like to post my disclaimer up front to this post - the parallel I will be drawing to actual drugs is meant in no way to diminish the severity of true, hard drug abuse.

Last night, I bought my first bag of Honeycrisp apples. They are as close to a drug or addiction that I have. They will practically put me in the poor house every fall. I just ate my first one. I think I saw the face of God. These gems were bred at the University of MN and are now starting to show up with "Washington" and "Michigan" stickers on them. We need more. Every orchard needs to plant Honeycrisp trees. They can saw down all of the Delicious Red and Gala trees and plant Honeycrisp trees. I saw that there is a grower in Blackfoot, ID. How close to Pocatello is that Al? I can say that even though I can attend a Pocatello funeral online, I'd pay the airfare to go to that orchard. (NOTE: Due to past concern and comments, The Orracle will not speculate as to WHOSE funeral may or may not be attended in Pocatello)

Last night, I bought 6. $12.45 was the total cost. Still cheaper than a gallon of gas.

Normally, I will censor myself and only buy items, even if seasonal when they are finally plentiful and available for much less. Not these babies. If they made them $6 a pound, I'd still buy them. They are far too good to not eat. Fortunately, Jessica cannot eat them because of her TMJ. Jake and Ashlie like them too much too. It gets to be an expensive addiction.

The sad part is that it is already mid September and they will be gone soon. I will be left with withdrawl and sadness and the yearning for next year's crop of Honeycrisps. Heavenly.....


Stormy said...

Blackfoot is 30 miles away from pocatello...it is where i unfortunately live.
So jess has tmj? Brandon's sister also named Jessica has TMJ what a weird coincidence

Anonymous said...

As Stormy already pointed out I know someone who lives in Blackfoot. It's the first town of any size going north from Pocatello.

Regarding the funeral - even though you may or may not attend, the wedding is still a go, right?

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