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Orracle and Family

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Pawlenty Would Not Have Been a Good VP Either

Again, with the pre-post disclaimer - I don't think Obama or McCain are decent choices for prez. Certainly, aside from her looks, Palin was not a good VP choice. As a quasi-Minnesotan, I would have though Pawlenty (MN-GOV) would have been a better choice. Then again, maybe not. Here is why...

T-Paw is forcing the whole ethanol/corn BS down our throats in MN. I know it starts at the Fed level but it is his baby here locally.

I sat next to a guy on a flight from DC to MSP once and he enlightened me to some facts that I looked into and he is exactly right.

Why make corn into ethanol instead of sugar beets? Anyone who has been in a biology class knows that sugars convert to alcohol. Starches must first be converted to a sugar to become an alcohol.


Which would be more efficient? A one step process or two? Hmmmmmm.

Then I see a story like today's in the Strib. Sugar beet farmers may have to plow under 10 percent of their crop?

If we had plants that converted a sugar beet to ethanol instead of the 2 step corn process, we could make these beets into GAS GAS GAS with LESS LESS LESS! Here I thought the sugar beet lobby in DC was big and strong like corn. I guessed wrong again.

These are the things in government that so many people don't see but are so clearly wrong. We can raise so much more of a sugar beet crop than corn in this state if we had a reason. Think about it, any storm will destroy a corn field but a sugar beet field will be far less impacted because of it being under ground for the most part. They grow these things in the Moorhead and western MN areas - ANYTHING that can grow there is like a cockroach and will survive anything!

Bottom line, I think this whole initiative of ethanol, at least as it exists today is a waste especially with the extra $$$$$ the subsidies pour into it. We need to be smarter. I would change my mind on ethanol if we truly could do it without the extra subsidized cost and/or use a different renewable source such as sugar beets. Corn is clearly not the answer. With so many ears.....how come nobody is listening?


Anonymous said...

For once Stormy didn't weigh in with an opinion before me. As they say in MN and South Park, CO, "sweet."

I agree on all counts. Especially Palin being a bad choice for VP. I'd vote for literally anyone else before I'd vote for any ticket with her on it. The religious right is taking over this country and people like her scare me.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. You'll never guess who that last comment was from since I didn't sign it.

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Stormy said...

Yay I have fans!!! lucky me!

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