Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wrong Place, Wrong Time...

I think this is the story of my life. Now, this is not a situation where I am just whining ... ok, maybe a little - because I am pretty happy with my life. Just when I sit back and look at what bugs me, it is because the place I live, the job I do, etc etc etc are impacting what I have.

I'll say it again, I am very fortunate - but look at a few of these things.

  • If gas goes up, it goes up in my neighborhood when others don't.
  • If gas is cheap somewhere like now in the north metro ($3.28), my area is still $3.49 or more
  • When the hailstorm hit New Richmond in May - everyone got a free roof in my neighborhood. Mine only has "marginal" damage which means it will not need replacing until after this winter's snow and ice when it is not covered by the hail event (and my roof is roughly 48 square a.k.a. big and expensive)
  • At the casino, the guy next to me wins the Royal Flush
  • At the liquor store in MPLS (years ago) - my truck was the one sprayed with bullets in the drive by shooting.
  • When other people's friends get married, it is across town or maybe Jamaica. When my friends get married, it is in Regina or Saskatoon.

Yeah, its all minor. After enough of these things you start to feel like John Candy in Summer Rental - where you'd like to win just once.

Oh well, life is good anyway.


Stormy said...

Gas prices suck...where ever you are.

Anonymous said...

I love Canada. I'd move there if they could only fix the winter climate. I'd never move to Jamacia. Stop whining. :)


stormy said...

I'd move to canada in a heartbeat....i have a thing for people who say aboot

Anonymous said...

Well I will tell you this.....if I ever do get married again it will NOT be in CANADA......

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The ORRacle!