Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Friday, August 15, 2008

Die Online

Before we hit the morbid subject today, I just realized that I launched this blog on 8/4/07 so happy birthday to The Orracle ten days ago. Now the subject of the post....

I was just watching videos on CNN.com because the data analysis I have on my plate is absolutley boring me not to mention that I have 1 program manager and 2 project managers asking me for status on it (nothing makes me want to work slower than repeated PM "what's the status on this?" email)....but I digress.

Back to the video on CNN.com. Downard Funeral Home in Pocatello, ID, has a new service. If you cannot make it to the funeral, you can watch it online. This can happen real time or after once it is archived.

Genius. Let's talk about Al. He is a great guy. I love him like a brother or something like that. We always have hit it off and there is nothing I would want remotely close to Al's funeral. Since he lives in Pocatello, I am compelled to use him as an example (plus it ups his reference count on my blog).

Given my need to save 14 grand for my first class trip to Dubai on the A380-800, I will not be able to make it to Pocatello for Al's funeral. I now can watch it from work and can legitimately track my time to that activity as "bereavment". Ultimately, the "kicker" here is that everyone wins (except Al because he is no longer with us hypothetically).

I think weddings should go this route too. Imagine you have hit your capacity at the wedding but still have people that you want to invite. You can send them a coupon to Chic-fil-a or McDonald's for some McNuggets (all weddings have chicken) and a bottle of beer with the link to the ceremony and reception video. Problem solved!


Anonymous said...

I'm LMFAO right now. I've never heard of this funeral home until now. Pocatello isn't a big place and I don't go around scoping out the funeral parlors, but I have personally attended 4 funerals in Pocatello in the few years I've lived here and roughly the same number prior. None of them have been at this funeral home. (As an aside sometimes it feels like all my friends, acquaintances, and relatives are dying. I attended only 1 funeral in Minneapolis the five years I lived there.)

Regarding weddings. I believe I've already got a commitment from you that if I were to get married someday that you would be my best man. The wedding would of course be in Saskatoon. Most likely in the dead of winter. I wouldn't start making plans though. In my imagination there is a "three strikes and you're out" rule with weddings so I'm not too eager to swing again.


Colene said...

Hey! Don't be planning my brother's funeral. I don't want to go, let alone see it on video. What a horrible thought. And... unlike Al, I've actually been to this funeral home. Disgusting, If you ask me.
Colene (Al's favorite sissy)

Stormy said...

yeah don't be killing off my dad!
and when i get married you're supposed to dj and add silverchair! :P

Jza said...

Hey, Al should be allowed his final wishes.

Jza said...

I want my remains devoured by vultures:D

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