Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Warning Labels

Welcome to December! It has been a fast and furious November with a short vacation, some work travel and Thanksgiving. Over the last week, I have had a chance to settle in and catch up on family time, movies and some shopping. Oh, yeah - how could I forget....I got a little older over the recent days as well. I am officially on the dark side of the dark side of my 30s now.

With the movies (and the motivation for the title).....

I am on a cold spell. Let's say I am in a movie slump. I know, you'll say, "That is what you get for renting movies like that!" but generally, those movies appeal to me! Movies like Porkies, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, American Pie and even the later American Pie knockoffs where the only original character is Eugene Levy.

This weekend I checked out Reno 911 and Superbad. I guess it is hard to be upset with Superbad since it says it all right in the title! I have often shown my hatred for stupid movies like "Sideways" and "Pulp Fiction" but how could I have known? The title has no indication that the movie will be bad. Superbad did and I ignored it. The previews showed all the promise of a typical T&A, school age/college age hijinx type movie and it fell flat.

I did see Disturbia and loved it. That is not normally my type of movie but I really liked it. Also on the "OK" list was Waitress. It was typical and predictable but enjoyable throughout. I loved the wholesome, local girl played by the hottie Keri Russell. WOW!

Lastly, I close with a plea to the movie distributors. Don't tease me with the endless stories and articles on Diablo Cody's new movie Juno and then only play it at the "Uptown" theater. If this movie is as good as they say, I want it to be out in every theater! I would avoid it completely based on the limited release to the "arthouse" theater crowd but having read her book "Candy Girl" and frequent her blog "The Pussy Ranch", I know her writing is awesome. This movie should not disappoint. I guess she will have to be my closest brush with fame since she used to work at LTCG. She looked interesting and clearly did not fit in. Why oh why didn't I talk to her?

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Anonymous said...

you sound much like a snob because you will not go to uptown to see a movie that you have hyped for over a week. just because you didn't get to tickle diablo cody you should still support her because she is a local girl. i have not seen any of the movies that you listed however i do agree with you like for kerri russell she has been one on my faves list for awhile and deserves more roles because she is sweet and sincere unlike other bitches like Scarlett Jo or Ang Jolie.

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