Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, November 26, 2007


I heard mention of the Garth "Ultimate Hits" collection that was coming out. I figured it was just another tool to get him another 20 million units sold. Even I as the complete Garth fanatic, am beginning to think that there is a limit to how many times the same songs can be released. Having said that, I will buy this one too.

Jess saw a commercial for his ONE MAN, ONE SHOW, ONE NIGHT show that was to be on GAC. I set the TiVO to record (even though its description was cleverly disguised as "TBA").

There was the preshow on all week pitching the CDs and DVDs in the Ultimate Hits Collection. That was great. The concert finally recorded and I watched it. New stage. New band members. New World Tour? Please? I am begging!

What I thought was only one night was 9. He did 9 shows in Kansas City...just 7 hours from here and I did not know? How could this have happened to me? Did Al Kunz know and not tell me? No - he would never deprive me out of his general dislike for Garth would he? Somehow, this completely avoided me or I would have been there.

The magic words were spoken after The Dance. "If you wait for me. I promise - I will be back!" That is the greatest news in a long time.

I spent much of this weekend entering CD data into my DJ database. Everytime I have a new artist or new artist combination (as in "Young Dro Feat JC and Lil Dickhead and Scumbag Thug"), I have to stop my entry and enter in the new "artist" into my artist table. Every disc has 19-21 tracks. Every disc I enter 4-5 new "artists". Always rappers. Usually one timers (not even classifiable as One Hit Wonders). I am so sick of these know-nothing-no-talent-thugs cluttering up the airwaves and my CDs that I want to barf! Knowing that Garth will be back...releasing CDs and touring is like finding out the end of a plague is coming.

The concert...yes, it was fantastic. Now I know Al will comment and say what he says about Garth. If Andre reads this, he will probably post something about Garth on his lack of singing qualities (no, he is not Opera Doc).

No matter your take. You must admit. The man is awesome. No matter where he goes. No matter how long he has been away. He can pack 9 shows, probably sell them out in 2 hours, and have every song sang word for word by 90% of the fans at the show. That my friends is the true definition of Superstar.

I am predicting 2014 as the year he officially comes back. That is when his youngest is done with school and daddy Garth has fulfilled his promise to them.

Oh, what a long 7 years it will be. Good thing I have every CD he ever released....

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I even have my own label on the side of your blog page now :)

I'm sure I've said it before, but I'll say it again (since you baited me). I really don't have any problems with Garth. My friend David Cantwell co-wrote a book ("Heartaches by the Number: Country Music's 500 Greatest Singles") that even includes a couple Garth songs in his list ("The Dance" and "Friends in Low Places"). Personally I wouldn't have included "Friends ..." but would have listed "I'm too Young to Feel this Dam Old" which IMO is the best song Garth ever did and one any songwriter could be proud of.

Now the radio programmers who, after Garth hit it big, thought everyone should try to be Garth, them I've got issues with.


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