Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Friday, January 6, 2012

I am looking to challenge YOU!  Everyone wants to start the year off with wellness and we all know that the gyms are just a little bit busier right now.  Sometimes, we get in a rut though.  Maybe we just don't want to do the same workout.  Maybe we do not want to go at all!  We need a push or a shove in some cases.  I know that I respond to support and people around me.  I have a perfectly good treadmill in my basement in front of a 92" ceiling projection movie theater.  I rarely use it.  Instead, I drag my butt to our local gym (I live in a small town).  I go to the New Richmond Centre which is a GREAT facility!  It has more of a community feel than many of the big box, corporate owned fitness centers.  Why do I go to the Centre?  I am more likely to push myself on that treadmill when someone is right next to me or behind me.  I am more likely to run longer and faster.  I assume they are all comparing themselves to me....which is probably just a bad case of narcissism but it works.  I love it when someone gets onto a tread next to me after I have started and hangs it up long before I am done.  YES!  I WIN.....it is just unfortunate that they did not realize it was a contest!

That push or goal can come in many formats.    If we set our own goals and have nobody to watch us or cheer us on, some of us might struggle to maintain them especially when the excitement of the new year has passed and we could lose sight of that resolution.

Back on 12/30, I posted about a site called FLEETLY.  I am currently doing the Winter 100 Mile Challenge.  For this one, I need to run 100 miles between January 1 and March 31.  It tracks your progress and gives medals for so many different milestones.

I think the neatest thing about this site is that you can link to friends.  That is a great way to hold each other accountable! 

I am asking for YOU....right NOW.....to go and join Fleetly and sign up for a challenge.  It could be a full year long challenge or something more immediately measurable and attainable to follow our SMART goal direction.

If you are a local here in New Richmond, sign up for a contest and tell me when you are headed to the Centre and I will do whatever workout you choose.  Possibly even Zumba at which I would struggle not physically but with coordination.  I will do whatever you choose. 

Even if you are not here in New Richmond with me, sign up and link to me.  Challenge me to a challenge with you!  We do not need to be together....we do not need to be at Hilton Head Health and we do not need Jeff, Adam, Amy or Amber to be there.  We can own this!

What are you waiting for?

Sign up 
Link to me (Lyle Orr) 

Let the games begin!

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Stormy said...

I added you to fleetly.

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The ORRacle!