Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Unique Connection

I have this odd feeling we've met before.

A friend recently pointed out that the TV show that was on A&E last year filmed partly at Hilton Head Health is now available on Netflix streaming.

I am on the road this week and so I brought an HDMI cable so I can hook my laptop to the TV in my room. I have stayed up WAY too late rewatching episodes this week. Two ladies from the show, Stacia and Debbie are friends of mine on Facebook. I watched their episodes first.

Keep in mind that the show was complete long before I arrived at H3 for my 4 week stay. Yet somehow as I watch I feel like I know them. I think it is seeing them eat lunch with Robert or weighing in with Bob, Adam or Jeff. Sitting in Beth's office chairs. Working out with Adam or the front desk staff. Seeing the hallways and knowing every inch of them. Knowing EXACTLY where they are by the picture behind them or the chair they are in.

It is more than that. I hear the words they say as they describe the challenges that being obese caused them. I understand that language. I know the scenarios they paint.

When I see how hard they worked, I remember how hard I worked. The sweat soaked shirts and that feeling of complete exhaustion as you pounded on the wall in cardio boxing. I can taste the saline pool.

Watching the episodes makes me want to go back to H3. How much would I have lost in 6 months? I am doing just fine on my own....killing it as Jeff would say but still I wonder how being there for 6 months would have been different for me.

Yes, I feel like I know Stacia and Debbie and the others too. I cannot wait for the big reunion at H3 for Devin's Dash in October. Then these feelings like we've met before will be for real!

For anyone reading this blog that wants to make a change....needs to make a change. I can tell you that there is no time like the present. The days go faster when you are feeling better and living healthier than the days when you keep thinking, 'I will start next Monday'. Just do it!


Jeff Ford said...

Great post as usual Lyle. Continue to inspire others and feed off the motivation on the Heavy 12. Your success is without a doubt among them and your words make everyone know that they can do it!

Bob Wright said...

I agree with Jeff, great post, I just read a few of your previous post as well. Very insightful and inspiring. Congratulations on your continued progress. Keep up the greatr work.
Bob Wright

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The ORRacle!