Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Dream In Color or Miles?

One of two things is happening to me. Either I am obsessed with making sure I get my training runs in for my first of two 5K races this fall or my entire mindset has changed.

I woke up this morning remembering a dream I had last night. I decided to run from the place where I had dinner to the gates of Sea World where Jess was going to see how late they were open.

Confession - I am beginning to think and plan a possible family trip to Florida and it is stalled because I do not know the school calendar for the year yet and it is driving me nuts not being able to plan this trip....this is where the Sea World comes into play. For those that do not know, I suffer from OCDPD....Obsessive Compulsive Disney Planning Disorder.

I ended up running a little too far and had to backtrack to the actual ticket counter. I ran all the way to the turnstiles. If you have ever been to Disney or Sea World, you know that those two locations are not always right together!

When I arrived, Jess was there and we decided we had time to do the park that night. Thank goodness! I love Sea World! She told me I had run 2.66 miles....to be precise. It was so effortless that I had to verify it with the sales clerk. WOW - I am really getting into this running. In reality, 2.66 miles is not effortless for me yet but I am working on that.

I tried to remember if I ever had dreams about food and now dreams of running might be replacing those. I don't remember dreaming about food before...but I can tell you that I had never dreamed of running before! I know that Hilton Head Health had a profound impact on me but I did not think they would permeate my subconscious too!

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Jeff Ford said...

Never say never buddy. Thats always the goal to change our peeps subconscious haha Love the blog keep'em coming and get planning for the Disney Half!!!

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