Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lots On My Mind....But Nothing Big

I've had a ton of things on my mind lately but none big enough for their own post.

First off - the woman with octuplets. I know - Keep your laws off my body. But seriously - she has 6, lives at home and needs 8 more? I don't think it is a good situation for the kids. Her mom insists she is obsessed with having kids. Wow....I have 2 and feel like we cannot give them enough. Not just material things but time. She is a single parent. I guess I really only think in the long run she is short changing these kids' chances. Even the whack pack family that is always on TV with the 18 "J" kids...Jedediah, Jessie, Joshua, Jeez, etc - they are freaks too. China is not the answer with a 1 kid limit but maybe we need to draw the line at a dozen. In that family's defense, they are (supposedly) debt free and do take care of them although all the bonus freebies from being on the TV show sure did not hurt.

Next up - this frigging weather. I know this is closer to normal than we have been in a while but how many damn days do I have to see the temp in the range of -10 to +9? This is getting rediculous! Global warming....whatta joke! I see some old friends on Facebook living in Hawaii, Florida (hmmmm, both from Palisade...must have been some smart juice in the water up there). At least some of us had the sense to get out of this godforsaken land. I love my house. I love this town. When the kids are gone...all bets are off on whether we stay or not!

Lastly - Christian Bale. On one hand, I think this guy is a jackass. On the other - take out the references to "the set" or "Director of Photography" and this rant could be applied in ANY work setting. We all have our favorite people we work with that do nothing but get in the way and cause a distraction. A word to the millions of Orracle readers out there, this clip has a few F-bombs in it.

What a gem this guy is! You can hear his director even cowering at his feet. Who does he think he is?

I guess that is it. Here is hoping that we see some double digits sometime soon.

The Orracle


Stormy said...

yeah cold weather sucks why i moved from one to another is beyond me...

Anonymous said...

If Stormy thinks she moved from one bad weather place to another she doesn't remember the weather in MN very well. It's much worse there.

Stormy said...

I know it's worse there. Doesn't mean this one isn't cold

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The ORRacle!