Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making People Happy

I was listening to the cockpit to tower audio of the USAir flight that ditched in the Hudson today. Sully was so calm. I was pretty surprised at how he sounded. It reminded me of something that kind of made me think a week ago.

The passengers of flight 1549 wee given $5,000 immediately for personal belongings that were lost in the ditching of the aircraft. Then, they were given the highest elite status for a year. Now they are crying that it is not enough.

What in the hell do these people want? They survived. Why do they feel they need more than that? I think USAirways offered more than enough to cover their losses. I know that when I travel for business or even for pleasure when I have WAY too much crap along with me that the total value of our items probably does not exceed $5,000 for all four of us let alone 5K each.

If USAir was negligent in any way, I might see it a little different. Say someone forgot to fuel the plane. Maybe a pilot lands long and goes off the runway into the river. Different story to a degree.

Blame the geese. Blame anyone, but you cannot blame USAir. You should thank them for their generosity and for their highly trained staff of pilots and flight attendants that did absolutely everything correct to save every life on that plane. Some of these rubes did not even get wet!

It's probably pretty easy for me to sit here in my chair and judge them. I imagine it was a sickening feeling. I bet they were filling their drawers thinking of what was to come. You can't sue for soiled panties though. I am sure they will continue to push and some judge will conceed that they suffered or had hardship or some weak-ass excuse enough to give them many thousands more.

I think they have been compensated plentifully and most of that is in the form of life.

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