Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Picture Perfect Story!

Today I had one of those truly amazing things happen to me. By amazing, I mean something that you could never predict and only see on those last minute "feel good" news stories they play as the newscast ends.

I went to work and before I could be properly motivated to dig in for the day, I decided to check my Facebook account. I saw something in my inbox from a person I do not know. Unlike other social networking sites, I have never received spam on Facebook from people trying to get me to go to their site so I felt it was OK to read and respond.

The e-mail said:

"hi Lyle, You dont know me but im trying to locate someone with you name who i beleive is a wedding dj/entertainer?? and that visited las vegas in 07... trying to contact a Mr lyle o urgently but not sure his full surname.Please let me know if this is youmany thanks alex"

I responded that I do have a DJ business and was in Vegas in November of 07.

He came back with:

"oh my god, Its taken me a while to track you down.....i found something that may belong to you...Did you lose anything on that trip? "

Well, yes we did! We lost a camera.

Once I said that, he actually called me on my cell phone. This gentleman has been looking for me for 14 months only by my first name and last initial. How many Lyle Os could there be? I think he emailed many of them. That clue was only possible because of a picture of me in my tux and name tag on while DJing a wedding. He originally took it to lost and found but when they told him if not claimed, it would be auctioned off, he felt that he could do better.

He said he had given up on the big search process but would think of other ways to search from time to time and this time he tried Facebook and thought I looked like the guy he remembered in the pictures that he saw back in '07.

This story would be amazing enough without the next fact. Alex lives in London, England. I guess the WWW has made this a smaller world for a task like this but still, it adds challenges (thanks Al Gore).

I want to say thank you to Alex L. You truly represent all that is good and honest and would fall into a very small percentage of people in this world and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

We cannot wait to get this camera back and relive the vacation. I am only hoping that the same will happen with the camera we lost at Disney in May 08!


Stormy said...

wow remember me not to trust you with my camera on a vacation :P

Anonymous said...

That dam Stormy was first in. I hate when that happens. I agree with her though. You might try taking disposable cameras on vacation until you can learn to be more responsible. :)

A great story regardless. I don't believe most people, even someone who sees themself as extremely honest, would put that much effort into finding you. You're lucky those nude pictures didn't get posted on the internet. Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

As a follow-up, could this whole post be a scam? It just occured to me that it might be part of the conspiracy Stormy is leading to push me into setting up a facebook account. But if I did that I'd lose my anonymity.

The Anonymous guy.

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