Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Friday, June 20, 2008

Living Live! On DRUGS!

It is sad that I have had only one post since my last Living Live but face it, it is summer and I am a busy boy. Grandma is here this week from Seattle so I have been pretty occupied trying to work and still find time to visit with her.

Today's Living Live! takes us to one of my first concerts. My official first was the Del Fuegos, Georgia Sattelites and Tom Petty at the Met Center in Bloomington. Shortly after that, I wanted to see Huey Lewis. Who didn't? (Probably Al). Anyway - the Fore! tour was on and I bought tickets. This video is circa 1985 so very similar to what I saw then. I remembered Delbert McClinton opened for him. Amazing that he still has a career even though he was a nobody then and to many still is.

Here is Huey doing I Want A New Drug....BTW, is that Michael J Fox on Sax?


Anonymous said...

I know Al and I'm aware of his stance on Huey Lewis and the News.

Today Al wouldn't go out of his way to see Huey, but wouldn't actively avoid it either. At the time it came out he bought the album "Fore" and would have been happy to see them on that tour, but hasn't bought anything of his on CD. He also has 1 (maybe 2) LPs of Clover (the members of The News pre-Huey who also were Elvis' backing band on one album - that's Costello, not Presley).

Stormy said...

Everyone knows that was really Al right?
Dad you gave it away with the Costello not Presley and the tangent.....

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