Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So many things on my mind and not one of them worthy of their own post!!

NUMBER 1: Basketball. Finally KG gets a ring. He deserves it after all of the years in MN and how hard he played night after night. He is a class act, stays out of trouble and was good for our community here. He even thanked "'Sota" last night in his interview with Tafoya. That brings me to Kobe. He sucks. Anyone can get 30 points if they don't pass the ball and take 50 shots. He is nothing but a big crybaby. Good for him to taste total anihilation last night! The Celtics winning is just more proof that Kevin McHale should have been let go of years ago. Thinking about it more, Boston should praise Minnesota. They got Randy Moss (indirectly) and a great football team, David Ortiz (another rockstar we did not need) and a world series win and now KG. Add that to the gifts we've given Dallas (the Dallas Stars and 3 super bowls courtesy of The Jeff Diamond trade for Herschel Walker). If there was a hall of shame for bad trades, the main building should be named "The Minnesota Wing".

NUMBER 2: Grandma Jensen. We flew grandma in from Seattle. All I can say is that I hope I can remember half the life stories she remembers not only of herself but of every one of her 5 kids and their grandkids, etc. She is 87 and while she is moving a little slower, she she can remember stories. I should be recording them. Hindsight wins again.

NUMBER 3: Small victories. Life is better with them. I have been fighting a battle with a VP at work over a fundamental decision. I have won. It feels good but I always feel bad for having dragged that person's style and bad decisions in front of the world. After 8 years here and not always standing up against those that were making yet another mess, I am glad I did this time. I just hope too many work relationships were not completely ruined in the process.

That's it. Nothing big here. Just small news. But at least small news lets you know that I am still alive and kickin. Until next time.....

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Anonymous said...

RE: #3, the more things change the more they stay the same (or in the immortal words of Pete Townsend, "meet the new boss, same as the old boss.")

guess :)

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