Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm In A Funk!

Hey everyone,

I don't know what my problem is but I have been in a funk. That translates to not being a nice guy at home sometimes. Not wanting to blog. Not wanting to do much of anything. There must be a reason. It could be this never-ending jackass version of winter or spring. It might be that I am a little short on ca$hola. Let's look at them individually...

WEATHER: It needs to warm up. Plain and simple. I feel like a fat (OK, yes I know that I am) but I feel more lazy than ever. I cannot get motivated to do anything because of the weather. Jess hints that she worries about depression. If I am depressed (don't think I am), I think some weather above 35 and no more snow will help.

CASH FLOW: It's one of those things. Timing. Everything due at once. Taxes ($1800 owed to Federal) and the fact that I never sent my state taxes which have a $1300 refund to help offset the $1800. That is pissing me off big time and I am the only one to blame. Then, the housepayment is due. I guess that is automatic - but what if I could skip one? (more on that later). As you may know, I am headed to Vegas on the 21st. I am very happy about that and it could help my funk about the weather. BUT - Vegas needs cash. DAMN!

The stupid part is that in May, I have just the opposite situation. See this: In May, we have 3 paydays. In May, I will probably get the "Stimulus" check (is that like a "happy ending"?) and also in May, I have no house payment. WTF? Yep - you heard right. I called the mortgage company because I am getting concerned about my ARM coming due next January and my 5.5% interest rate going buh-bye. I said that I might have a hard time making a higher payment (which is not totally true). But with the mortgage crisis, they felt like helping and I received a letter saying that they are restructuring the note to lock in at the 5.5% for the duration of the loan. Say what? In that process, I have no May payment. 3 checks. No house payment. Gov't stimulus check. Holy....need to start planning a vacation or something.

So....May will bring the cash and weather I need in April. Figures.

Oh well, I think I have it figured out and I will still make my obligations and have some money to spend in Vegas. Maybe I can turn over a new leaf and do something besides sit on my ass on the couch too.

See now. Don't you feel better?


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The ORRacle!