Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, November 5, 2007

The New Improved Village Idiot

I Present Ye Royal Village Idiot!
Is Sean Hannity the poster child for what it takes to be on TV? I could be as much of a village idiot as him for that kind of pay.

I have not searched this out online but I am sure it has been on just about every show and website. I heard of this today on Howard Stern.

"Halloween is teaching our kids to be liberals by going door to door an asking for a handout."

You MUST be joking!

Was this his attempt at an Onion article? You cannot make this crap up.

Sure, Pat Robertson lashed out against Halloween because it is rooted in evil, pagan ceremonies, ghosts and goblins. He is a freak in religion. That is worthy of certain forgiveness when being an idiot.

But to suggest that trick or treating is a form of liberalism, welfare or other pan-handling type activities is crazy.

I have lots of ideas on things I can be a total jerk about. Put me on TV for HALF of what he makes. I am sure I can do no worse. In fact, I just might entertain someone!

I think of how I have always said, "To get rich, you just need a gimmick". I have thought for hours about what garbage I could get on a stick to sell at the State Fair. What idea could I possibly dream up to strike it rich?? Here, all this time, I have been thinking way too hard. I just need to get a job on TV where I talk out my ass like Sean.

Rush Windbag invented it, Sean is apparently perfecting it.

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