Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Big Buzz

It seems that the nation is becoming consumed with obesity.  This is good.  I can recall when I was at my unhealthiest and stories on being obese or overweight felt like a personal attack.  Not in the story iteself but when someone around me talked about the story or the headline in my presence, I felt like they were indirectly speaking to me.  When you know you have a problem but are not ready to confront it and take it on, any reference to it hits home even more.

Lately, it has been the buzz.  In fact, I nearly titled this post, "A Big FAT Buzz" but it felt a little bit derrogatory to me.

This week and not coincidentally close to the debut of the HBO Documentary, "The Weight Of The Nation",  a story was released with the obesity rates in the USA to all of the major news outlets.  The story goes on about the obesity rate predicted to crescendo at 42% of Americans.  I linked to it but you could not have been anywhere on the web this week without seeing that story.

Another story talks about the obesity rates being doubled globally since 1980.  The Weight of the Nation

How do I feel about this now given the big changes in my life over th last year?  Guarded, actually. 

Will this be the real deal and share the right information or will it be heavily geared toward some political agenda?  There is so much "information" available to people and yet so little of it really contributes to a solution.  I don't want it to be just a crusade against sugar based drinks. Yes, they are bad.  Yes, a good portion of the country is obese because they drink Coke and Mountain Dew.  Is cracking down on the soda the problem or should they explain how the calories impact your body whether it is soda, cookies, a big mac or a banana? 

I am hopeful that this series is working in the right direction.  I guess we'll know in a week!

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BooksAndPals said...

Why do I feel like you're talking to me? :C

(You're sure looking good though. Love the new banner picture.)

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