Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jottings Time....

I have had so many things on my mind lately and have not found the time to blog the individually. I will try to keep them short but address a few of them here.

Making People Happy - Part Deux

First of all - a while ago, I talked about how those on the USAir flight wanted to sue and get MORE than they already received in this post. Today, a new story about how USAir had all of their belongings returned to them after having everything cleaned professionally to remove the grime and jet fuel. In my opinion - they have gone far beyond what they needed to do! These passengers need to accept that they are alive, have their belongings including diamonds, laptops and wallets returned to them.


I had not been to a concert in a while. Not knowing if I would be traveling, I did not buy Billy and Elton tickets early. Plus, I have been lucky in getting last minute seats even on Ticketbastard. Well, last minute came and went and the Saint Paul show was still "sold out". I really wanted to go since I have only seen Billy about 6 times and the Billy/Elton F2F tour 2 times in the past. Many had tix available on Craigslist but were not budging on price which I am sure cost them in the end since many said they could not go at all and HAD to get rid of the tickets. My last dilemma was that Jess did not want to go and so I took Ashlie and her boyfriend (yes, scary for me). Few had 3 seats to sell and I did not need 4. OK, where else will they be? Madison....Ashlie had a conflict.....Omaha - pushing the limits of a road trip....Fargo....BINGO!

We decided on Fargo and got last minute seats on Ticketbastard on the side of the stage, 5th row. Just a meager $580 for 3 seats....but worth it still. Billy was a little sick but still rocked the joint. Elton's voice was as strong as I have ever heard but he just does not tear it up like Billy. Billy's "Fargo" movie references in the accent was completely lost on the people there but I sure thought it was funny as hell!

The Fargodome is bigger than I expected holding 25,000+. By the traffic and uncoordinated parking process, you'd have thought they had 200,000 going in there. What a COMPLETE joke!

State band in Eau Claire until noon....drive to Fargo...concert....home all in one loooong day!


Work decided to start monitoring the web. Good idea since a trip through some areas of highly paid people yielded a show of various web pages. Abuse was certain. With the monitoring, blocking has also started to the high traffic suspects like BLOGGER, Facebook, YouTube, and streaming sources. So far, Sirius is up for me still. I hope they do not block it. I know our Pres streams XM so fair is fair, right? Don't count on it!

It is too bad that it has reached this level. I know I have never been caught on the net, right Al?


Only in Minnesota. I live in Wisconsin...yes - but for all practical purposes, I am a Minnesotan still. I just live in a WI town that is convenient to MN for work.

No, this is not a global warming rant - although it could be. Saturday we went to the school bus races / crashes at Cedar Lake Speedway....a good time! When we left there it was 41 with frost possible. Today, it was 97. It was 100 in Granite Falls, west of the Twin Cities but just 34 in Grand Marais on Lake Superior. I find that amazing that there is such a variance in towns 260 miles apart (Saint Paul to Grand Marais).

Planning for the weather has been made an "Inconvenient Pattern"....gotta be Al Gore's fault.


I need to say goodbye to the area for a while I guess. I am currently scheduled for next week in Indiana, the week after in Indiana, one week off (possibly changed to....yep....Indiana) the 4 weeks straight with 2 in Bensalem (Philly area) and 2 in Dallas. The Dallas meetings might get moved to none other than....Indiana or even to MSP which would alleviate those two weeks of travel.


Yep, another vacation is planned. Gotta do the late summer Disney run for the free dining. Too good to pass up although it is really getting in the way of our "every 2 years" plan with this being our 3rd trip in 14 months to WDW (2 personal and 1 marching band whirlwind).

We made our Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) today which means we are 90 days out! It really brings out the little kid in me. I just love that place. It will be my Wal-Mart when I retire. I can hand out strollers instead of carts.

I think that sums it up for the Orracle's life! I know I had more pressing, grinding, under-the-skin issues that have crossed my mind in the last few weeks but they are gone so we'll leave it at this for now.

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