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Orracle and Family

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SAT Question of the Day

Alright - time to put your thinking caps on. This is your SAT question of the day. Educational AND informative!! No thanks are necessary, I am just here to serve you.

Here it goes.

Northwest Airlines is to Pepsi as Delta is to _____________.

Maybe that is a little too challenging. Let's add some visuals....



IS TO......

Yep! You heard it here first. Well, Al probably KNEW this was coming since he is a "Delta from Salt Lake City" guy. A flight attendant told the guy next to me this when he asked for a Diet Coke. I have to say, I am a Pepsi guy. I am dissapointed that I cannot get a Diet Pepsi for very much longer on NWA (now a part of Delta as the flight attendants say).
There could be an upside to this. Perhaps some of those old, jaded, crusty flight attendants on NWA will have a Coke (and finally) a smile!


Anonymous said...

I'm not only a Delta guy, but since no airline has my preferred soft drink (diet mountain dew as you know) which is a Pepsi product I prefer to drink diet coke when flying. Even so I used to take perverse pleasure in ordering a diet pepsi when flying on Delta. I'd make a face and give an insincere 'I suppose' answer when asked if diet coke would be okay.

Some Random Delta Guy who can relate to this subject. :)

Stormy said...

My dad is such a weirdo....

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The ORRacle!