Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Living Live! with Smokey!

Driving by myself usually results in diverse music in the CD player once the replays of Howard Stern on Sirius are done. Last week to go up hunting, I found all kinds of music in the player. Robert Earl Keen, Charlie Robison, Disney Theme Park music, Choral and lastly a couple of Rat Pack CDs. One is from the Sands hotel and the other from "The Summit" in Chicago supposedly tied to mob favors and elections.

Here is the least likely Rat Packer to get my nod, Sammy Davis, Jr. I read a book on the crew once that said it best and if I had read it first, I could have skipped the rest of all of the books I have read on the Rat Pack....

"Sammy wanted to be Frank, Frank wanted to be Dean and Dean just did not give a damn!"

Sammy had the most talent in the group hands down. I think this is true vocally as well in dance, performance and overal ability. Sammy could do impersonations, sang beautifully and could dance like few others.

Here is Sammy doing some impersonations in song. Fun stuff!

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stormy said...

This isn't about sammy but it's about music so forgive me.
Remember that baby got back cover you played for me that was like a punk band do you remember the name of the band?

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