Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living Live Swimming In Tears!

I liked matching a living live song up to something on my mind so much last time with the (non) global warming theme that I decided to do it again.

I am a Minnesotan. I bleed purple. I just happen to live in Wisconsin. That changes nothing.

There's this guy...named Brett Favre. He is an OK QB that has retired twice. (Al might argue that he is starting to look like Garth Brooks). Editor's note: The Orracle likes to imagine what Al might think.

Anyway, this clown, whom I have never liked cannot make up his mind. He wants to retire, he wants to play. He cries when he retires. He cries when he decides to come back. He needs therapy.

Commuting to the cities, I see so many Cheesehead Rubes (not to be mistaken for "The Rube") with the "G" license plates. I think they need a new plate for Packer fans with a tear on it next to a number 4. Honestly Brett, grow a pair and stop the sniveling.

So, for the crybaby Brett, here is Roy Orbison singing Crying. P.S., I looked for an old 80's one hit wonder song called CRY but could not find it because I do not know who sings it. Oh well, Orbison is the bomb.


Stormy said...

why would anyone want to know what al thinks ;P

Anonymous said...

Okay, you asked for it (whether you realized it or not). Here comes a blog entry length comment on this. :)

First on the subject of imagining what Al would think (or the closely related topic of "what Al would do" - abbreviated by some people as "WWAD"). You aren't the first person who has built their overall approach to life around this. Stormy doesn't understand the great value that could come from doing the same. Possibly this is because she has such easy access to this great resource that she doesn't appreciate the value. But sometimes the weight of responsibility really weighs me down and I'd prefer people stop pondering my thoughts and deeds since I'm only a middle man. Instead they should live their life based on the acronyms "WWWD" or "WWWT" ("what would Willie do" or "what would Willie think") as I do.

Regarding Favre. I don't know much about baseball (don't ask, Stormy will understand) but isn't it better for a sports star to get out on top. Enough already. Retire. That said Favre is the 2nd best quarterback to ever play for the pack (don't remember the name of the best but it was a long time ago and my brain doesn't care enough to retrieve it or use goggle to figure it out - whoever was QB back in Lombardi's day). When was the last time the Vikings had a QB even worth talking about. I don't know the answer, but suspect it might be never. (If I'm wrong on this I'll just use the "don't know much about baseball" defense since I'm sure you'll let me know.

As for the song "Cry." As you'd expect there have been a ton of songs with this name. Two of them were top 40 hits in the 80s. One was by a band called Waterfront that made it to #10 in 1989. I can't find a song sample on allmusic.com or amazon. This was definitely a one hit wonder though. The other was by Godley and Creme (#16 in 19895). Technically they were one hit wonders too although both were members of two bands that had top 40 hits in the '70s (Hotlegs with 1 top 40 and 10CC with 3 top 40). You should be able to find this one pretty easily if it is the one you had in mind.

Al (obviously) :)

Anonymous said...

The year for that 2nd song was 1985. 19895 isn't here yet.

Stormy said...

As your daughter it's my JOB to not care what you think or would think or do :P

Anonymous said...

Kids. Gotta love 'em.

BTW, your great at your job Stormy. :)

Give the kids hugs.


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