Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FATE! It Wins Every Time!

In past posts, a story developed where a friend in the USMC from high school reached out to me. I talked about it in this post. Then a friend of his tried to find him and reached to me and I helped them get together as a friend of theirs was killed in Afghanistan. I posted about Buzz in this post.

Well, Parke was at the funeral in DC last week. His flight from DC to MSP was delayed by weather and he missed the last option to San Diego by 10 minutes.

After all of that storyline and because of this blog ultimately, things came together ended with a stranded Major Parke Paulson in MSP. How fitting that he get a chance to come out to New Richmond and stay a night catching up with me?!

It was great to see Parke (even though he is still ugly as sin). We looked at pictures of Jim's wake which despite the sad occasion, seemed to be a good celebration of Jim's life. We checked out 100's of pictures of his Iraq trips. It put some non-media pictures and stories with the war that have given me a different feel. I still don't think we should be in Iraq but I have a different perspective now. These guys (and gals) are doing good things for the Iraqi people and seem to enjoy making a difference.

The other good thing is that we realized that we are not getting any younger. We have to get the old crew together. 10-20 years is too long. I call out to Joel Kosman (said to be in Alaska), Don Ellis, Chris Schlagel and Dan Marquardsen. More Aitkinites from 89 are welcome! EMAIL me. Leave me a comment. Tell me where you are. We need a reuinion of our own. I don't care if it is in New Richmond, San Diego, Alaska or McGregor. It's time.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool Mr. Oracle. I agree with you on the war (we shouldn't be there, but the guys and gals who are over there doing the job they've been given still deserve our support). However the rest of the post convinces me even more that I shouldn't blog. Too many people I wouldn't want to find me. :)


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