Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, September 12, 2011

Confronting A Problem

So many people face challenges with addiction today. Whether that addiction is substance or if that addiction is food, there comes a time when you have to own up to why you are where you are. I think back to some of the reasons I used to give for my weight gain.

“We were poor and I worked 3 jobs.”
“Money is tight so we have to buy cheap foods which are unhealthy.”
“My work is crazy and I have to eat out all of the time.”
“I don’t have time to work out.”

I used to say all of these things. Never did I admit to anyone that I would binge after going through one or sometimes even 2 different drive thrus! There were times that I could not decide what I wanted to eat so I would just visit both! Sometimes, I literally would realize how embarrassing it was to order that much food for one person and therefore would split it between 2 stops. I even ordered 2 drinks a few times to make it look like I was bringing it home to someone else. I even reached the point in early 2011 where I would rush out of work too late to get home for dinner but early enough to make a Chinese buffet or Old Country Buffet before they closed. Restaurants were chosen based on my knowledge that I would leave – not full – but completely stuffed. I knew who had the biggest portions!

WARNING:  Prepare to wince and groan….I decided to add up a few usual stops for me at fast food restaurants. Note – I always would have diet soda (to offset of course) so no need to add into the calories.

  • McDonald’s. One of my favorite combinations was a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo which is 740 calories for the burger, 380 for fries (1120 total). But the meal would not stop there. With this, I’d probably get a filet of fish a well for 380 more. Meal total: 1500 calories.
  • Another order at McD’s was to ‘downsize’ my combo to the Big Mac. Then I’d have to add 2 additional sandwiches. Big Mac (540), fries (380), filet of fish (380) and topped off with a Mc Chicken (360). Total: 1,660.
  • How about breakfast at McD’s (sometimes in the same day as one of the dinners or lunches above). Steak, Egg and Cheese bagel (710), hash brown (150), 2 sausage burritos (600), large OJ (280). Total: 1,740 (that is a half of pound of weight for those playing at home)
  • Let’s change it up to Taco Bell. I have some favorites there such as a Grilled Stuft Burrito (880), 7 layer burrito (500), 2 hardshell supremes (400). Total: 1,780.
  • I could come up with 15 combos at taco bell – but let’s do one more: Two ½ pound cheesy potato burritos (1,090), volcano burrito (780), crunchwrap supreme (540), cheesy fiesta potatoes (270). Total (OMG….2,680).
  • Let’s try Taco John’s: 1 meat and potato burrito (520), small potato ole (480) 2 beefy burritos (880), 2 crispy tacos (340). Total: 2,220.
  • One more Taco John’s: 2 beefy burritos (880), 2 crispy tacos (340), regular super potato ole (1,090!). Total: 2,310
  • Burger King: Double Whopper with cheese (950), chicken sandwich with heavy mayo (850) and 1 double cheeseburger (450). Total: 2,250.
  • How about a sit down restaurant? Applebee’s (which incidentally is one of my favorites now for LOW calories meals). I used to get wings (710) and riblets platter (1,820). Total: 2,530.
I have not even started with the list I could create. What about business trips where there were fast food places that I cannot get at home? All the more reason to binge to try everything! I have not covered White Castle, Sonic or Wendy’s.

I realize that everyone with weight problems did not do this to themselves like I did. Chances are that except in rare cases, there was some reason a person gained so much weight like me. I get it….it is an addiction. It is also a beatable addiction. I crave these foods frequently. Just typing them out makes me salivate. Seeing the numbers also convinces me that I do not need it and I know I can live without it. In fact, I feel better than I ever did when I was eating like that on a daily basis.

It will be hard for me to press ‘PUBLISH POST’ on this. As I read it, it is utterly embarrassing how I treated myself. This will get posted though because I have found that talking about my past behaviors and writing about them is therapeutic. I have nothing to hide. The past is just that. I have today to deal with and will look forward to tomorrow. You can do the same!

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Jeff Ford said...

Lyle its never easy to talk about things that affect us like addiction. What's incredible is that you look back at that now and are disgusted ... knowing that you made the switch and have the control over this now must be empowering!! Keep these posts coming brother. I am counting down the days until I see you!!

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