Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Orracle is Off the Grid...

Off the grid? Well, so to speak.

Some of you, actually very few of you know where I am these days. I was not completely open and advising everyone of my upcoming leave of absence from work.

You see, in the nearly 11 years that I have worked at my job, it has been nuts. Al knows this. Many others know that. I enjoy working there but have seriously neglected myself. At 40, my health has been spiraling our of control. Could it be stress? Too many hours? Maybe -but no more excuses.

On Easter Sunday, I flew away from my awesome family down to Savannah, GA via Atlanta. 2 flights, open first class seat next to me on both legs - that NEVER happens - but back on the story.

From Savannah, I took a shuttle to Hilton Head Island and more specifically, Hilton Head Health. This is a wellness resort / spa. I will be here for 4 full weeks finding the tools and respite needed to make a complete behavioral change related to fitness, wellness, health, SELF and nutrition.

Hilton Head Health Institure (H3i) in a nutshell is a bootcamp but before you start thinking about Jillian and Bob (Biggest Loser), imagine it with super nice, concerned people that want nothing other than you to get better. There is a Bob here (he has been here for 30 years) and a Beth but no Jillian. Adam and all of the others are fantastic also.

Today was day 1 of 28. Never did I imagine I would survive and be happy on 1200 calories whilst having my rear end handed to me in fitness classes. I cannot imagine how day 28 might feel in comparison. With any luck, I will always remember what day 1 felt like so I never put myself in this position again.

So watch this space. Pics to come of the facility, gators that roam freely, possibly food, staff, WONDERFUL friends and much more.

Now I lay me down to sleep....quite early....but in less than 12 hours, more instructors await the chance to push The Orracle to the limit.


BooksAndPals said...

Good luck. And yes, I know about your crazy job. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Fantasy Camper said...

This guy (with my two thumbs) is rooting for you and your 28 day adventure!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you Big Sexy! We will simply rename you to Lil Sexy and that can your rapper alias as well. You are a great guy, my friend!!!

Your boy, the Conservative in the GREAT STATE OF TENNSEESS!!!

The ORRacle!

The ORRacle!