Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Value of Great Customer Service

Well, to open, I do realize it has been well over a month since I posted anything at all. My work schedule has had me on the road constantly. I generally do not mind and may even go so far as to say that I enjoy traveling for work but this stretch has been brutal. From May 24-mid July it was 2 out of every 3 weeks but then the last part of July and the first week of August found me in hotels 15 of 18 nights.

To post such information ahead of said schedule might entice Al to hop the first flight to MSP to make sure Jessa did not need anything....but now onto the post.

We are enroute to Disney on Saturday for our annual sojourn to see The Mouse. We found in mid July that our new Canon Rebel XS Digital SLR purchased in November was giving "error 99". Google it and you only need to get to "Canon Er" and the number one hit is correct with so many comments and posts around the web surrouding this mysterious "catch all" error.

Rather than brave a self installed firmware upgrade that if it fails voids the warranty and erases ALL memory from the camera, I brought it back to where I bought it.

Under any other circumstance, I would have bought a unit like this from Best Buy based on prices or package, etc. Back in November, National Camera Exchange had a significantly better deal.

When I brought it to them, they tried some simple remedies such as cleaning the contacts where the lens attaches, etc as it sometimes does the trick. No dice. They then said it is under warranty and proceeded to wrap it up, package it and do the warranty work for me. Still, no "Geek Squad" fee for just looking at it, nothing - only good service and advice.

Now as we depart on our trip, the camera is not back from Canon. They have me come in and write check that they will hold as a deposit and give me a brand new camera body to use on our 11 night trip. Pinch me. Is it still 2009 or have I somehow ended up in the past via the WABAC Machine with Mr. Peabody and Sherman?

In this case, they were cheaper. In the future for camera or video, I think the decision will be very easy for me on where to buy it. It won't be Best Buy. I am not suggesting that I have had a bad experience with BB on a warranty issue or service but I can guarantee that they would not give me a loaner to take for almost 2 weeks! Furthermore, this act at National Camera did not require an extended warranty but Best Buy would have certainly suggested that this level of service would require that extended warranty.

I don't know if I am ready to put a value on this experience for future purchases. I think already that this level of service would be worth at least 10% higher prices - maybe more.


Stormy said...

All my dad needed to do to know you ere going to be out of town as ask me since you did post it on facebook lol.

Anonymous said...

I liked your new house, but had forgotten how humid it gets this time of year in the upper midwest. :)


American in Poland said...

The same thing was happening with my Canon Rebel. Before I could get it to a Canon dealer in Poland it was stolen!!! The only humerous moment of the ordeal was thinking they stole a broken camera!! Unfortunately, they also got two memory cards full of irreplaceable pictures. We won't talk about all the other things they stole too. FYI...I upgraded to a Canon EOS 50D - worth every penny!!! I shop exclusively at National Camera Exchange by the way!

Anonymous said...

I have had numerous bad exp with best buy. Bought a camcorder didnt work, took it into them w/extended warrenty 3 times. Took said video camera to daughters graduation only to have a blue screen. To camera back to BB for them only to say to me your warrenty is expired. But you never fixed my camera the first 3 times correctly. Years later I found out that on visit # 3 they were suppose to claim it was a lemon and give me a new one. Well that didnt happen. I bought my last camera from office max when it didnt work, I brought it in and no questions asked was give a brand new camera as it was still under warrenty. There are other place to shop other than BB just saying

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