Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Steve Cannon - Radio Legend

I had a dream of being on the radio. I loved talk radio. Even living up in the middle of nowhere, WCCO was always on. 24/7/365 on our 5 foot long "Hi-Fi". Boy, that thing (now at my sister's cabin) sure is a throwback to the days when a radio was a piece of furniture. But I digress.

When Jessica and I moved to the cities, I was faithful listener to The Good Neighbor, WCCO. Dark Star (before he turned into a shill), the Morning Show with Dave Lee (better when it was Boone and Erickson) and the good old Cannon Mess in afternoon drive. I probably had my chance at radio with some connections at KSTP in town but I did not pursue anything. I guess you can say I have made up for that with my DJ business. Not even close to the same but it gives me that outlet.

Today, I am a Howard Stern fan. I find terrestrial radio painful to listen to. I liked radio back then because it is not what it is today. It was guys like Steve Cannon and Dark Star being renegades. On KSTP, Tommy Mischke (recently fired) was that guy. It does not surprise me that one of the very few people that Steve Cannon stayed close with is Tommy Mischke. They are cut from the same hunk of fabric.

Loners. Their way. Different. Rebels. Anti Institution.

Steve Cannon did his show alone. Well, him and his characters that certainly more than one person believed was real. Backlash LaRue. Ma Linger. Morgan Mundane.

He declared himself King of the Kilowats....the Prince of the Airwaves. He even dodged his own farewell party by signing off one day earlier than planned.

He signed off every day with, "I've got the money" or some variation like "I've got the sheckles".

On his last day, he said, "I've got the memories".

No, Steve. We do.

RIP Steve Cannon. You were truly one of a kind. I am glad to have been able to listen all of those years.

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