Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Never Flying Air France Again!

Just a quickie from the ship since it is .55 per minute online. I was on checking email and bank accounts and thought I'd drop this quickie in.

So today we are at St. Maarten. Island is half French and half Dutch. The local airport is SXM. Search for it on YouTube and you will find amazing vids of large planes landing right over the little beach. There was no question that I had to see it. The plans are 100-150 feet over the beach as they land.

We hired a taxi for an island tour. Saw everything including some things we'd hoped not to on Orient Beach (partly a nude beach and not Hugh Hefner types either). The kids got to hold live urchins which was cool.

After visiting Marigot, the French side capital, we headed for the beach by the airport. We saw a 757 but knew that Air France had an A340 landing at 3:30 local time. Since we were nearly all the way around the island and only about 5 miles from the cruise port, leaving immediately after should not have been an issue. We watched the A340 skim out heads and blow our hats off and left.

1 mile down the road, we hit a dead stop. We sat there. And sat there. Finally, the cabbie (in a Cadillac Escalade) asked an approaching cab what the delay was.

"Accident on the hill."

We waited some more and then I asked for alternate routes since it was now 4 and "All aboard" was at 5. He decided to go back around the island the opposite way. Not a long way - but there is just one road. That road is two lanes. Bad Bad Bad.

We drove in a manner that if I had eaten anytime recently, it would have been on the floor of the Escalade. I was completely panicked since A) my bank account is getting low and B) our passports were on the ship as an oversight for the day's excursion.

We finally made it back to the ship to the jeering of the 1,000 or so people watching from the starboard side of the ship. We were scolded by the crew awaiting us, the last people to board. Another 5 minutes and we'd have been screwed and finding our own way to St. Thomas without passports.

Needless to say, several people tonight recognized us. The "but there was an accident on the hill" story did nothing to convince them.

I think tomorrow, we'll leave for the ship at about 1:00 for a 5:00 curtain call!

Talk to you all soon!
The Orracle - headed back to stateroom 1392 as we sail the Carribbean blue!

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Stormy said...

Shouldn't you be back from your cruise by now?

The ORRacle!

The ORRacle!