Orracle and Family

Orracle and Family

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Have Died of Dysentery

Anyone who played Oregon Trail knows that line. My travel schedule lately has been similar to that of the 49ers on the Oregon Trail. Maybe not QUITE that bad but it has been a busy stretch of travel. It went something like this:

10/5 - 7 AM flight from MSP to SEA. Went early so I could drive the ~2 hours south near Olympia to see my grandma. Went to the Microsoft BI Conference which was really nice!

10/8 and 10/9 - redeye from SEA to DTW for 60 minutes and then DTW to LGA. Cross country.....wow. It is amazing was sudden, violent turbulence at about the 2 1/2 hour point will do to your sleep pattern.

10/10 - LAAAATE flight from LGA to MSP after a meeting in CT with a client.

10/11 - wake up at home, pretty sure it is CST but feel completely hungover.

10/13 - Fly to Omaha

10/14 - Fly back to MSP. Finally done until 10/27.

Fortunately, I experienced an unprecedented run of first class upgrades by going 6 for 6 on this list of flights. As a silver, I had my doubts on a few legs despite the odd hour flights. I was maning hoping for the redeye and obviously got it along with all others.

I really felt like I hit the point of traveling too much when a flight attendant recognized me from a flight last spring on last nights OMA-MSP flight. The scary part is that this leg was on Compass Airlines on a puddle jumper which I fly on very rarely.

How is the ear you ask?

Well, I had a CT Scan on Monday and tonight received a rather frantic call from my local Doc. He is calling in an "urgent" request to the ENT doc to get me in ASAP. So urgent that if I do not hear from them by noon Thursday, I am to call him to let him know.

You see, I have been diagnosed with Mastoiditis and while my cup size has increased, it has nothing to do with my man-boobs. My mastoid bone is fluid and potentially infection filled. Complications range from hearing loss to brain abcess and death. That is some range....

I know they will threaten surgery. I think I will probably comply this time as my ears have been worse than ever this round. I really hope they will postpone it until after my vacation (cruise) from 11/27-12/8 as the recovery is anywhere from 2-4 weeks at home and quite often requires a second surgery soon after the first.

More to come I suppose....


Anonymous said...

What the hell is Compass Air and where do they fly?

Beat Stormy to a comment twice now. That makes me happy. :)

Stormy said...

All that means is I have a life and you don't :P

Anonymous said...

What do you mean. I have a great life surfing the web all day and getting paid. (Don't tell the boss.)


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